FreezPak Logistics set to open location in Philadelphia, PA

Carteret, NJ –June 10, 2021 – FreezPak Logistics, a leading 3rd party food logistics company, announced the opening of a location in Philadelphia, PA. This is the company’s first time expanding into the Philadelphia market. The facility will offer all temperature zones dry, cooler and frozen and boasts over 103,000 in square footage. This location will also have 15 loading docks, 26 trailer positions and 80+ car parking.

A family-owned business with headquarters in Carteret NJ, FreezPak has been providing customized distribution services since its founding in 2001.  The company will celebrate their 20th anniversary in August 2021. Consistent with FreezPak’s other facilities, the Philadelphia location will offer cross docking, transportation, repacking, overseas container plug in, USDA and FDA and do it all within 6 miles of Packer Avenue Marine Terminal.

FreezPak’s newest venture was a result of the demand for expansion into other markets. Dave Saoud Co-CEO said, “Every day we are being pushed by our clients to open facilities in every major market.”  Michael Saoud Co-CEO said, “We are already designing an automated facility in Philadelphia as we are anticipating max occupancy in a few months.”

The Philadelphia facility is projected to open June 21, 2021, and FreezPak will soon announce a 6th location in northern NJ that will meet the continually growing demand for cold storage space.

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